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My story

Towards the end of 1991, after I got my degree in computer sciences, I started to take my first steps into the knitting world, in which, I got to know about mechanical and half-electronic flat knitting machines. As apprentice I learned to know the knit stitch and to use the computer in order to program knitting machines. In 1995 I left the apprenticeship to become a technical programmer and a retailer in knitting machine replacements for EMM.


In 1996 I met Romano Coccia (a Shima Seiki representative), who gave me the opportunity to become an Etex employee as a technical programmer. Etex is an official knitting machines dealer in Barletta. To be part of it I had to do other apprenticeships which led me to the knitting headquarter called Europa Tessile (a Shima Sheiki representative headquarter, to which Etex was referred) in Umbria.


While I was working at Etex, I find out the wholegarment knitting machines, which amazed me. Therefore I started to dedicate myself to their programming. I aimed at becoming a wholegarment machines businessman so, in 2005 I managed to buy a Shima Seiki SWG-V 7 gauge. This allowed me to learn and improve the wholegarment machines programming also thanks to my dear friend Antonio Chiantese.


In 1999 I started to create a software, similar to another one, called Posillipo, developed by Europa Tessile.


The Posillipo software ran on MS-DOS with a Basic language, therefore it was quite hard and sluggish. This software was about to find errors in the scan on Shima files with the '000' extension. These errors could either be: a wrong compilation in the 1,2,3 and 4 colour successions of the first draw line, or a potentially fallen towel during its manufacturing, generated by a missed control of a yarn carrier position (things that are now implemented in the Shima Seiki Knit Paint program). My first version of the software, was written in C++ language on DOS, after that, I developed a writter version of it in Visual Basic on Windows, which I called Posillipo 2000.

In 2002 I decided to leave Etex, after 6 years of working. I then accepted a job in a knitwear factory called Due in Barletta. Since 2012 I have been working in the Ederman knitwear factory, where I program traditional and wholegarment machines on Apex 3.4.

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